How to get definition’n muscle in the gym

After the phase of volume gain, the time comes to define. The muscle definition allows us to look muscles are nice and marked. In body fitness supplements, for example, we can find the best products of sports supplements for the phase of muscle definition.

What is the muscle definition?

The muscle definition is the body's ability to lose body fat, but maintaining muscle mass. To get a good muscle definition there is that eliminate fat lodged under the skin (subcutaneous fat), and remove the retained fluids from the body's tissues.

Surely, the phase of muscle definition is more complicated. Exixten three basic factors to define the muscles that you'll see below. The sports supplements, as this pack muscle definition are of great help during the definition phase.

Burn the reserves of fat

To do this, it is best to aerobic exercise. Burn the layer of fat that is in front of the muscle is the first target to achieve a good definition. In addition to the cardiovascular exercise, to burn the fat reserves it is necessary to take care of the food, avoiding excess of fats and carbohydrates.

To maintain the muscle gained

Preventing muscle catabolism. For this you have to consume daily calories required to keep our muscles "fed" in order to prevent such wear. Some supplements, such as casein protein, slower absorption, helping to prevent catabolism.

To activate the metabolism

The activation of the metabolism, ensures us to burn more calories, and therefore eliminate the fat reserves of an easier way. Some ways to activate the metabolism are aerobic exercise, HIIT, circuit or free weights. In addition, you can also activate the metabolism adapting the supply (high fat, high calorie, 5 meals, etc...)

Exercises for a good muscle definition in the gym

Exercise routines to define are those that have the objective of losing fat, but maintaining muscle mass. The warm up is always important. Not only during the phase of muscle definition, you should always warm up before performing any type of exercise or sport, with the aim of avoiding injury.

During the definition phase we take each day different muscle groups. An example would be upper or lower, combined with cardio or aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can be that each one will motivate you more, but always taking into account the difference between HIIT and aerobic. In the event you choose HIIT, the time must be reduced to avoid burning too many calories. Your coach or monitor trust can help you and advise you in the gym. If you still have not found one, you can see this guide to gyms in Spain.

Some of the exercises we carry out during the definition phase are; press front bar, lifts with dumbbells, crunch abdominal, French press with dumbbells, rowing with pulley, exercises barbell deadlift, press, bench, squat, and arm curl biceps, among others.

What you must eat to get a good muscle definition?

To get the muscles defined is necessary in an adequate diet. Keep the metabolism active to spend a higher mean of daily calories. Some foods, such as thermogenics, help to activate the metabolism and to burn fat more quickly.

In addition to eating a proper diet, it is necessary to go into caloric deficit. To do this you need to eat fewer calories that will be consumed during the day. Using the caloric deficit the body will need of the fat deposits accumulated. It is important that the reduction of calorie in the diet is progressive.

Some tricks for eating well during the stage of definition:

  • Less carbs
  • More healthy fats (such as Omega-3)
  • Cardiovascular exercise and intervalado (HIIT)
  • A good hydration (drink water)

What are your tricks to better define? We look forward to your comments.


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