New CrossFit in the city of Berga

Is this starting to build the new Box of crossFit in the City of Berga, Province of Barcelona, will be the first Box Official by the brand CrossFit the entire region of Bergadá. But, What is CrossFit and what is it? What is the difference between other workouts and why it is so important to have good facilities to practice close to home? Continue reading....

What is the Cross fit

CrossFit or Cross Training is a discipline of physical training that is becoming more and more fashionable. This discipline combines movements of the other three disciplines of fitness. These are: weightlifting, gymnastics, and training metabolic.

Crossfit is a sport that can be practiced both solo and in company. Of course, train in places like CrossFit Berga in company is much better. If you prefer, you can visit their Catalan version (CrossFit Berga version in Catalan).

The training of CrossFit is to perform certain exercises, among which we find pull-ups, strength exercises, etc., during a defined number of times and at one time also defined.

The entrenamieto final

One of the keys to Cross Training or CrossFit is the functionality of the exercises. The exercise routines are those in which you are not working a muscle in isolation (as may occur in the typical exercises of bodybuilding), if not that will work large muscle chains and different muscles.

The functional training is a way to simulate real movements, which use multiple muscles, and that can serve us in our daily life. These exercises to functional Cross Training are made with variations of the own exercise and the intensity, which multiplies their possibilities in a way that we will never be monotonous to practice this sport.

Why is it so good to the Cross Fit?

One of the strengths of Cross Training or Crossfit is that you work all the physical abilities, what makes it a sport incredibly full. These capacities are ten, and these are:

  1. Force
  2. Power
  3. Flexibility
  4. Pesistencia cardiovascular
  5. Resistance energy
  6. Speed
  7. Coordination
  8. Agility
  9. Balance
  10. Precision

Do you think that CrossFit is not sufficiently complete? Not...

For serving

We can assure you that the practice of CrossFit is one of the most effective as physical preparation. Many elite athlete, military academies and martial arts, use this discipline as a form of preparation and physical conditioning.

But, For whom is Crossfit?

Any person can perform this discipline. The exercises in CrossFit can be adapted for almost any person can perform them. Those more difficult, can be adapted by practitioners of the art. The times, distances or the amount of weight to load, may be modified to facilitate the exercise to people with less possibilities or physical form.

On the other hand, a good point of CrossFit, is that you can begin adapting to exercises, and then iran by withdrawing assistance gradually until you achieve the desired result.

Have you ever practiced CrossFit? How was it? We look forward to your comments telling us about your experience with this wonderful sport.