5 sports to improve endurance

The physical endurance is the ability of the body to perform an action or effort over a long period of time (aerobic endurance). The aim of the exercises of aerobic endurance is to increase cardio vascular capacity, to be able to perform a moderate effort for as long as possible without affecting the performance.

Cardiovascular exercise or "cardio", is the one that works mainly the ability of the resistance. This type of exercises are recommended to lose weight. Today we propose five sports as an alternative for working out the resistance.

Sports to work with the resistance

The cardiovascular work or resistance, it is essential for good health. To incorporate this type of exercise in our weekly routine of exercise is essential for our health. The training of endurance sports helps us to prevent mainly cardiovascular diseases, as well as other diseases.

Today we offer these 5 sports to exercise your physical strength:

  1. Basketball
  2. Running
  3. Paddle
  4. Bike
  5. Swimming


Basketball is a sport that works the entire musculature in a way compensated and functional (involving several muscle chains). The lower body takes most of the work, being the musculature of buttocks and legs are the most worked. The musculature of the upper body is also working intensively thanks to the launches of the ball to the basket.

Play a game of basketball requires a lot of effort, cardiovascular conditioning, because it requires running from one side to the other of the pitch and make movements very fast. The perspiration in this type of sport is important, therefore, to enjoy the party, it is important to dress, how to choose the t-shirts of basketball or running shoes right.


Jogging is one of the cardiovascular exercises most affordable of all. Just equip a good pair of running shoes and sports clothing breathable.

The running is one of the best exercises for working the resistance, among other benefits. Among these we highlight the release of endorphins, the happiness hormone, which helps us to combat stress and to improve sleep quality.


The paddle is a complete exercise that not only work the aerobic endurance, if not also the anaerobic. Resistance anaerobic is the one in which we made a great effort in a short time. Even when you are working both types of resistance, the paddle is a sport which is dominated by the aerobic work.

Other alternatives are other racquet sports, like tennis.


Swimming is a way of working the ability of the resistance with a risk of injury to a minimum, as it lacks impact. This sport is suitable for people of any physical condition or any age.


The bicycle is an exercise that appeals to both lovers of the outside as the indoor training. The biking routes on the outside are a great way of working the resistance to the known time nature. For those who prefer training indoors or collective lessons, thanks to bikes we can train at home or in the gym, as well as attend group classes such as indoor cycling or spinning.

Of these five sports to work with the resistance, What is your favorite? Can you come over? Leave us a comment 🙂


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