Benefits of play páthe

The paddle is an alternative of leisure that improves the physical health. This sport is increasingly practiced by all those fond of an active way of life. Whether you are an athlete more casual as if you are an advanced athlete, the paddle is an activity that is very beneficial for the health. Do you want to know more about the benefits of playing paddle tennis? Continue reading...

Benefits of the paddle

We are in a sport that provides important benefits to the health of those who practise it. To ensure success, it is important to be equipped with quality accessories. Looking for the best blades head of year to make each game of paddle tennis a unique experience.

Among the many, many benefits of paddle tennis, we highlight these ten:

  1. Improves cardiovascular health
  2. Helps you to lose weight
  3. It tones the muscles
  4. Improving the quality of sleep
  5. Improving the agility, physical and mental
  6. It releases endorphins
  7. Mingle and make friends
  8. Remove the stress
  9. Improves coordination
  10. Increases the reflexes

Improves cardiovascular health

Playing paddle tennis we are conducting a cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise increases the physical fitness through the increase of the capacity of aerobic endurance and (to a lesser extent), the anaerobic.

Ayuga to lose weight

In relation to the previous point, being an aerobic exercise, to play paddle tennis helps us to lose those extra pounds that we have an excess of.

It tones the muscles (legs and glutes)

The paddle is an excellent exercise to work the muscles of the legs and buttocks. This sport requires quick movements, which favors an intense work of the muscles of the legs. Choose running shoes paddle appropriate we will ensure the appropriate grip in this type of movements.

In addition, the slight flexion of legs required to play favors a work of both legs and glutes. A great way to prevent cellulite.

Improving the quality of sleep

Like other sports cardiovascular, one of its main benefits is the improvement of the quality of sleep. This is a direct consequence of the fatigue and the effort after this kind of sports. A healthy and natural improve sleep and to sleep better without taking a tranquilizer.

Increases the agility, physical and mental

If the quick trips that require a game of paddle tennis help to tone the legs, this type of movement also serve to work the agility. In the paddle we must react quickly constantly, so in addition to the agility both mental and physical, increases our capacity of reaction and reflexes.

It releases endorphins

Endorphins are known as the hormone of happiness, and are the body's reaction that makes us feel good after a good workout or an intense game of racquetball with friends.

Mingle and make friends

Being a sport with so much acceptance, it is easy to meet people and socialize. In a game of paddle tennis involved 4 people, and is easy to match up often with the same people of similar schedules in the paddle clubs.

Remove the stress

Like most sports, another benefit that we should add to the list is that to play paddle tennis eliminates the stress. This is because the body releases endorphins (or the happiness hormone), which will make us to feel wonder while we play a game.

Improves coordination

A game of paddle tennis requires a great deal of coordination to hit with precision the ball with the paddle.

Increases the reflexes

The paddle is a sport that requires quick movements (as mentioned above), as well as great reflexes to react quickly during a match. A way of working the reflexes is by practicing, playing matches will get the time to have some quick reflexes and there will be no strike resist.

What are your reasons to play a game of paddle tennis?

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