Benefits of walking barefoot

Walking barefoot is a habit that has been lost with the passage of time. Both at home and abroad, did you Know that walking barefoot is very beneficial for the health?

Why walk barefoot? Because it's comfortable, because it is good for the health, stimulates circulation, produces a relaxing effect, releases the plantar fascia... do you Want to know more about the benefits of walking barefoot? Continue reading...

Benefits and reasons to walk with bare feet

Walking barefoot anchors us to the earth and connects us directly to their energy fields. Some disciplines as ancient as Yoga or Chi Kung, use the technique of walking barefoot to get the energy and vitality of the earth. Away from seem mystical, it is proven scientifically that walking without footwear is beneficial to your health.

Numerous scientific studies claim that walking barefoot allows our body to balance the electrical loads, operating as a "land-grab". This action is known as earthing or grounding (in English : earth= earth, ground: ground). This process allows to increase the vitality.

Then we're going to see 5 benefits or reasons that walking without footwear is beneficial to your health.

  1. Stimulates the musculature of the foot
  2. Releases the plantar fascia
  3. It stimulates the circulation.
  4. Improves the stress
  5. Acts on the nervous system

Stimulates the musculature of the foot

Walking barefoot stimulates the musculature of the foot. Some muscles of the foot atrophy with continued use of the footwear. A way to release this muscle is through the action of walking without footwear.

Releases the plantar fascia

Walking barefoot helps to release the plantar fascia. One of the most effective remedies for plantar fasciitis is walking barefoot to help you "take off" and releasing the fascia of the foot.

It stimulates the circulation.

Walking barefoot on the floors as well as dirt or grass produces a stimulating effect on the blood vessels of the sole of the foot. A little help to stimulate and improve blood flow to those suffering from bad circulation is take off your shoes and walk on floors with texture. Some Spa offer floors paved with jets of cold water to stimulate circulation. Another interesting place to walk barefoot can be the shore of a beach.

Improves the stress

A way to get rid of the stress and anxiety is walking barefoot. In the sole of the foot are located a large number of nerve endings. The contact with the ground helps to stimulate these nerve endings, in a way that is going to help us to release built-up stress. The plantar fasciitis is a common problem in athletes.

Acts on the nervous system

Activates the parasympathetic nervous system: walking barefoot has a relaxing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic system of those who walk without footwear, it is two times greater than those walking shoes.

The nervous systems (sympathetic and parasympathetic) are closely related. A sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity can lead to problems cardiácos as arrhythmias.

Some recommendations

Go with naked feet is tremendously beneficial for health, but before you kick us to walk barefoot, it is best to have clear recommendations. The best place to walk barefoot is our home. In this way, we avoid contamination of fungus or infections, typical of the public places. It is not advisable at all to walk barefoot through public places such as gyms or spas.

In terms of exteriors, the grass (if it is from our own garden, the better), some pebbles (not sharp), the earth or the sand of a beach, are the best surfaces to walk without shoes and stimulate the sole of the foot.

Don't forget the hydration. Walking without footwear dry enough the skin of the foot, so that is always an extra hydration to prevent dry feet. In addition to moisturize, also it is desirable to use a scrub or stone pómed to remove the dead skin and still look a few feet soft when we go barefoot.

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