Best tools for doing cardio at home

The cardio is the best ally for anyone who wishes to lose those extra pounds. To be a part of it, doing cardio is also useful in the phase of muscle definition, as that helps us to get rid of the fat around the muscle and therefore to look much more defined. But, What happens if we don't want to go to the gym to do cardio? What options do we have? Read our small guide for doing cardio at home.

Do cardio at home

Run without leaving the house

A treadmill is the perfect complement to any runner, as it allows you to exercise from home at any time, regardless of temperature, rain or snow. If you want to buy one of the best treadmills on the market, in you can find them.

One of the biggest advantages of the treadmills home, is that, unlike other materials, these can be folded and save, for example, under a bed.

Exercise bike

if the treadmill is the best friend of the runner, the exercise bike is for all fans of cycling, the spinning , or the bike trails. The best bike static home is one that meets our expectations and goals of each athlete. A stationary bike may not be missing at home.

Unlike the treadmill, the stationary bike takes up much less space without folding, so that it is less demanding to have it always mounted in your little gym at home.

More than cardio, cages power towers and bodybuilding

And for the more "pro", what better than to have a cage of power in the house? While it is true that a cage of power or tower of bodybuilding is not within the reach of all the houses, as you need a few meters of extra space or a spare bedroom. But for those fans of the fitness which have free space at home, a cage is one of the best fitness equipment that we have at home.

In this list of cages power towers weights you'll be able to find a selection of the best.

What is a tower of strength?

The towers of bodybuilding or towers of abdominal, are fitness equipment multifunctional which is used to work all the muscles to the full, using your own body weight. Cross functional teams are those that serve to work more than one muscular chain, being especially useful for designing training functional.

The towers of bodybuilding, there are a more affordable option in terms of space, to equip our gym home. Thanks to these towers, you can work your entire body.

But, What are the benefits of having a tower of muscle-building at home? Among the advantages or benefits of having one of these devices in our own gym at home, are the following

  • Allow you to work your entire body in a functional manner
  • Reduces and eliminates muscle aches
  • It is not necessary to go to the gym, which makes us save travel time and money
  • You can train at any hour and all days of the week




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