Motivation’n sport and

When we receive positive stimuli our mood changes and we feel well-being, strength, motivation. This positive approach is vital in the practice of every sportsman. Stay motivated, whether through activities rewarding, phrases, positive and motivating, or positive reinforcements that will make the athlete feel energetic and motivated.

Why is it important motivation for an athlete?

Sports psychology is the field of applied psychology to the behavior during the sporting activity. This branch of psychology studies the behavior of the athlete before, during and after the sports practice. The psychology of sport or sport explores emotions (positive or negative) associated with the sport, such as anxiety, motivation, aggression, frustration, behavior and group dynamics in collective sports, etc...

That is why sports psychology is so important when practicing sports, especially beyond a certain level. The word motivation comes from Latin, the word "move". You can interpret that the motivation is movement, is the path to success.

The motivation is the path to success

How to stay positive and motivated in the practice of the sport

Below we look at some ways of manenerse motivated. It is common that when we do not get the objectives in a paused state, we have failed in a competition or simply if we find ourselves tired and not train as much as we would like, we feel frustrated and demotivated.

Raise realistic objectives

Setting goals too high or unrealistic is the easiest way to frustration and discouragement. The lack of motivation will be greater if the goals are high and unattainable. Consider the small challenges that you can get easily, or divide the main goal into several steps, is the key to success, the achievement of goals and greater motivation.

The power of the phrases motivational

Phrases of motivation are the positive momentum that acts as a power load. Some great of the sport, as Lebron James or Michael Jordan have left us great phrases to help us help motivational to all:

You have to expect things of yourself before you ask them. Michael Jordan.

In addition to great personalities of the sport, there are many more. Phrases with anonymous authors that push us towards overcoming as the following:

Lebron James has left this great phrase motivator that drives us to overcome:

Criticism is the best fuel to improve yourself. Lebron James.

Have patience

It is important to have patience and not become discouraged. As we said in the first point, if the goal to achieve is too high, the best thing you can do is break it down into smaller steps. No one starts a house by the roof. Persists and resists to achieve success. Patience is a quality that applied to the sport helps us to keep the frustration at bay. It does not matter does not achieve the objectives of immediately, if not you can get over time if it persists long enough.

Combine the three (realistic goals + phrases motivational + patience), is the best way to stay motivated in the sport. And you, What is your formula to motivate you? You look forward to in the comments 🙂



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