Sauna and sports performance

It is a tradition in nordic countries, the sauna after training because of its benefits. Among them we highlight the elimination of toxins, and increased the ability of cells to carry oxygen to the muscles. And that is that there are increasingly more studies that show that saunas improve athletic performance.

Take a sauna after a workout improves athletic performance

It is possible that the sauna, leave us tired and desganados for training or practicing a sport, but what about after? There is nothing that feels better than a sauna after a good workout intensity. The effect of the sauna on the cells is that they increase in size, these cells will be capable of transporting more oxygen the next time, so that athletic performance is increased by this practice.

The relaxing effect of the sauna is also related to the performance of the athlete. But, What has that to do with the relaxation with the performance? The rest is just as important to the athlete as the training. Thanks to the benefits of the sauna, the muscles are relaxing after the workouts, preventing injury and preventing contractures.

Why the sauna improves the performance of the athlete?

Among the benefits of the Finnish sauna is elimination of toxins, cleansing of airways, muscle relaxation, improved blood flow, improved deal with stress, relaxation and improved sleep quality, among others. But their benefits as well as performance are the following:

  • Eliminate the toxins accumulated during the workout or sports practice.
  • The sauna improves circulation and therefore the irrigation and oxygenation in the muscles.
  • Improves the flexibility due to the reduction of the tension after an intense effort during the training.
  • Influences on the central nervous system, producing a better transmission nerve-muscle.

With what frequency would be good to take a sauna?

Two to three sauna sessions per week is good. There are a number of precautions to keep in mind with saunas, and even if we train every day, we must be cautious with the number of saunas to take. In case you have low blood pressure, you must have a lot of caution and talking with the doctor. In case of fever, wound, or heart disease, the sauna is strongly discouraged.

Where to take a sauna?

It is increasingly common for gyms and sports centres including saunas in their facilities. These are small rooms made of wood (Finnish sauna) in which the temperature increases in a controlled manner up to about 80 ° C., and the humidity drops to 20% or less.

Another option is to take a sauna at home. It is best to leave a period of approximately 8 hours of sleep to take the sauna after a workout and benefit in terms of sporting performance. Having a sauna at home is not something within the reach of all, but every time, there are more athletes who dedicate a room to the well-being and mounted a small sauna in the home.

And you, do you take a sauna after a workout? Tell us about your experience.

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